Duy Gebord & Nienartowicz / Wolski ~ Kelp / Split

a closer listen

coverPoland’s Pawlacz Perski has just released two superlative experimental cassettes on the same day.  Lech Nienartowicz and Michał Wolski‘s tape is an investigation of clocks, chimes and strings, while Duy Gebord‘s Kelp is inspired by a floating island of trash.  Each surprises listeners in the way that only the best experimental music can do.

Listening to Nienartowicz’ half of the split tape, I am reminded of a sparser work, MUFI.RE’s Mechanics of Suspended Time, that was released last year.  That work investigated the sonorities of three antique clocks; Nienartowicz’ new tracks bring the investigation to the next level through the integration of strings, drones and unidentified percussion.  The result is multilayered and mesmerizing.  To quote Dr. Suess:  “I get all those ticks and clocks, sir, mixed up with the chicks and tocks, sir.”  What a beautiful racket it is.  A short track, “Czynności”, is followed by the…

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