Daisuke Yokota

Daisuke Yokota  LINGER (Teikai)

Daisuke Yokota LINGER (Teikai)   

Published only 300 copies quickly exhausted Teikai 低徊 / Linger [Dwell] Daisuke Yokota 横 田 大 輔 (born in 1983) has a new set of images from the photographer. Consistent with those contained in his previous books, the photographs are in black and white, with a very strong image grain. On some shots, we even see traces, such as those left by dust on the camera lens. Moreover, as in his books and Back Yard Site, the subjects photographed appear to have been seized in the dark or in the fog, forms are most often indistinct. In Teikai, the artist capture the movements of two bodies, a man and a woman – the man being the photographer himself – moving naked in the space of a room that looks like a hotel room. The layout alternates portraits with views outside, where as few easily identifiable, bushes and pebbles on the ground. But unlike his previous publications, the erotic charge here is much stronger, bare body being photographed sometimes in tension, sometimes collapsed on the bed or chair, with many close-ups. Without mimic the work of his elders – we think Araki and Moriyama for sexual evocative and enigmatic images – Yokota signs with Teikai careful publication that reflects the maturity gradually acquired by the photographer

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