Aaron McElroy

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Aaron McElroy

Aaron McElroy

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Aaron McElroy

Aaron McElroy (*1978, Daytona, FL) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He started with photography in 2005. Shortly after he was accepted at the New England School of Photography, graduating in 2007. He most recently had solo shows at Horton Gallery New York, and at Ampersand Gallery Portland. His work was part of group exhibitions at FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam, Smack Mellon Brooklyn, Chelsea Art Museum, New York and Noorderlicht Gallery Groningen, among others. In 2013, two monographs were published: “Aaron McElroy: SPBN”, with Self Publish Be Happy, and “After Wake”, with Ampersand Gallery. As part of the collective AM projects, he was included in Nocturnes, a limited edition six person box set, designed and published by dienacht Publishing. Nocturnes was selected for “The books we loved” in 2012 by Time Magazine, and was part of the exhibit ICP Triennial, International Center for Photography New York. Most recently he featured in the book Nudity Today: edited by Jesse Pearson and published by Picture Box.


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