“Usually people read the lesson of Freudian psychoanalysis as if the secret meaning of everything is sexuality. But this is not what Freud wants to say. I think Freud wants to say the exact opposite. It is not that everything is a metaphor for sexuality. That whatever we are doing we are always thinking about that [sex]. The Freudian question is: what are we thinking when we are doing that? If I am a little bit impertinent by relating to something which most of us experience [….] It happens while one is engaged in sexual activity. All of a sudden one feels stupid. One looses contact with it, as if “My god what am I doing here? Doing this stupid repetitive movement?” [….] Nothing changes in reality in these strange movements when it is, as it were, disconnect. It is just that I loose the phantasmatic [fantasy] support. In sexuality it is never me and my partner(s) [….] There always has to be some phantasmatic element. There has to be a third element that enables me to engage in sexuality. There has to be an irresistible power or fascination. [….] The question is [….] why does our libido, pleasure, need the virtual universe of fantasy? Why can’t we simply enjoy it directly?” —
Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema — Part 2 (0:00)


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