Le Poisson d’Argent ~ YOUTH EP

a closer listen

coverThis Montreal EP sounds different than it looks, but given the world’s recent fascination with zombies, one can hardly begrudge the visuals.  If we had only seen the titles (“Early Mornings”, “Boredom”, “Tree”) and heard the music (a lovely blend of bells, beats and drones), we might have thought, “oh, folktronica!”  But that cover is hard to ignore.  The music sings, “summer, sweetness, joy!” while the cover screams “autumn, decay, death!”  The gentle “Early Mornings” offers a slow awakening by contrasting piano, harpsichord (or piano guts) and cymbal; but the accompanying video seems to portray an undead woman waking up in a high rise apartment.  It’s spooky and beautiful all at once. Claudia Chan Tak’s dancing brings to mind Masako Yasumoko’s performance in World’s End Girlfriend’s “Les Enfants du Paradis” in that horror and grace are intermingled; it’s not often that we see such a combination carried out so well…

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