Fernando Visockis ~ Gopchang Leftovers

a closer listen

Fernando Visockis - Gopchang Leftovers 곱창찌꺼기 - coverAn unusual album from Kotä Records, Gopchang Leftovers incorporates multiple styles and focuses on none.  The album was conceived during a residency in Seoul, but even that doesn’t explain the diversity on display.  Until one listens all the way through, one cannot comprehend the overall theme.

The title refers to a Korean delicacy: intestines and vegetables.  While this might not sound tasty to some, remember that Scotland has its haggis and Iceland its hákarl.  As to the leftovers, they may be metaphorical; now that Fernando Visockis has returned to São Paulo, he’s left with memories and sonic samples.  These form the backdrop for a set of impressions that range from the direct (Korean drumming and dialogue) to the manipulated (a 15-minute drone piece buried deep in the album).  Six pieces are sampled from a video installation; one (“12zodiacsign”) samples the British composer Max Richter as he re-works an Italian symphony…

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