Doron Sadja ~ Breath Heart Skin

a closer listen

SadjaBreath Heart Skin was initially presented as a 21-speaker installation at Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room, but it translates well to two speakers at home, a testament to the mastering and to the power of the original material.  While the press release speaks of “piercingly high frequencies”, “grotesque, abusive atmospheres” and “brutal power”, there’s no reason to be alarmed; these five pieces fall short of doing any actual harm.  These extreme adjectives are not matched by the sound, which falls short of true extremes.  The high pitches are indeed high, but pleasantly so, like high-strung birds; the low rumbles are indeed low, but cavernous rather than engulfing.  In short, the album is more music than noise, more attraction than repulsion, which is a very good thing.  The physical art – a 20-page booklet of cloud photographs taken from the artist’s Brooklyn apartment – bleeds into the aural art, as the listener…

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