Paskine ~ Nimrod

a closer listen

NimrodIf the cover of Nimrod reminds our readers of Damien Valles’ Exposure, it’s because Paskine is responsible for both.  The earlier album strode across snow, while the latest excursion delves into magma.  Look closer and one can see black-and-white behind the green and red.  Human life cannot be sustained here.  While the cold cover displayed travelers, the hot landscape is barren.

One can hear the dangerous bubbling on the title track, which begins with arid drone but soon adds bubbling and hissing.  Sedimentary layers of static and synth create a sullen weight.  Percussive electronic loops echo like voices sent into the dark.  Look again at that cover image.  One might discern a maw, two predatory eyes; and a secondary, screaming maw buried in the upper right.  Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

With titles like “Fata Morgana”, “Phantom Limbs”, “Failure” and “Silence”, Nimrod announces itself as uneasy listening.  The…

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