Rocket Miner ~ Elegy

a closer listen

rocket minerElegy is an album full of contrasts, a work that tightly represents the immense strength of a kind of post-rock that is not tied down to a narrative or to the mechanics of loud and quiet. As its title indicates, it flows like verse, drawing the listener into the moment, creating emotionally charged set-pieces that do not last too long for fear of losing focus. As if it was a minimalist or ambient album, every distortion counts, every little shift in volume drives the music wildly into different states of dramatic sentiment. This is a lament born from a passion for life, a dirge woven from sunlight, a torrential meditation in which the limits of living are played out as uplifting melodies brimming with delay, an echo that appears to remain forever at the same time it appears to dissipate ephemerally.

In descriptions of the band a comparison to Russian…

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