Kamifukuoka ~ Music For Red Curtain

a closer listen

kamifukuoka_musicforredcurtainIt has been asserted that the amount of the ‘pleasure chemical’, dopamine, released by the brain is at least partially dependent on the element of surprise. Music can surprise in many ways, often provoking the greatest joy when the output of an unknown, behind unassuming cover and prosaic title, resonates instantly and deeply.

Kamifukuoka is such an unknown. It comprises a duo of Japanese musicians: pianist Souichi Takagi and Masayoshi Miyazaki, who handles field recordings, ambient layers and production. Whatever Miyazaki’s numerous and delicate contributions, Music For Red Curtain is very much a work of modern piano composition, dominated by an incredibly accomplished player undoubtedly classically trained but whose style is as progressive as has passed these ears for a long time. Totalling just 23 minutes across six tracks, the work is on the cusp of being long enough to satiate – its complexity satisfying yet also suggesting the pair…

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