Alexander Turnquist ~ Flying Fantasy

a closer listen

turnquist flying fantasyOften, fantasy is seen as a recourse to escapism, as an imaginary distancing that allows a momentary glimpse of personal utopia, an ephemeral feeling ingrained in the thought of someplace other where a negative ‘I’ exists. It is in this negation, however, where fantasy comes back full circle and stops running away, becoming a kind of hope that confronts the here and now with the magnificence of possibility, dislocating what is permitted in favor of a million daydreams and a million pleasures. Like music, it betrays an immateriality that irks all architects of sound, all orderly suppositions of what it must or must not be, rejecting any and all discourses that state its inability to do. It is perhaps under this light that Flying Fantasy by Alexander Turnquist might be heard, having been conceived during a period of hardship where the danger of losing the ability to play guitar was…

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