Ryan Huber / Dhow / Olekranon ~ Horus / Amara / Aphelion

a closer listen

HorusRyan Huber is one busy man, with three different projects released in a single month.  His most famous aspect, Sujo, has been quiet for a year, perhaps on sabbatical, leaving room for new names to rise to the fore.  Together these acts form a Trinity of Drone.

Appearing under his own name, Huber offers a more sedate take on drone than we are used to hearing from the artist.  Horus is a single 17-minute track, a tale of two halves.  The first is a drifting, growing drone like a slow-moving, pregnant cumulus cloud before it gives birth.  The second is the thick, heavy downpour, filled with distortion, feedback and fuzz.  Brief moments of near-silence set up subsequent rounds of digital rain.  This is one of the finest studies of sound we’ve heard from the artist, with noise doled out stingily instead of steadily.  The dynamic contrast is exquisite.  Although…

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