ACL (Post-Rock) Singles Chart: June 2014

a closer listen

post-rockFive brand new tracks from Talons, Tides of Man, Lost in the Riots, Sleepmakeswaves and Minot are joined by five tracks from our Post-Rock Road Trip to form a post-rock version of our monthly singles chart.  Let’s get it charted!

It’s been a long, productive road trip, and we’ve brought lots of great music home with us.  But it doesn’t end there.  From all indications, we’re going to have a great post-rock summer as well.  The announcements are pouring in: artists are touring, releasing new work, and staking their claims to 2014’s post-rock crown.  For all we know, the winner may come from the batch below.

Because this is a singles chart, you won’t find the longer tracks here.  For many years, these were the bread and butter of post-rock artists.  The new generation is just as interested in short, punchy tracks: great for mix tapes, iPod playlists, backyard barbecues…

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