subzar ~ pico

a closer listen

2CD Wallet with Spine (thumb).pdf“Today you took a walk …”

The album begins with a conversation about a path ~ how far the path goes, how far one has traveled and how far one wants to go.  Chatty birds comment from nearby trees, perhaps mocking the two-legged creature who yearns to fly.  pico, named after the travel writer Pico Iyer, echoes the author through meditation and invitation.  It’s easy for one to be an armchair traveler, dreaming of what lies beyond.  But to travel is to live, to expand horizons, to drink in the fullness of life, often without a tether.  The fact that subzar was invited to record in Austria colors this entire set with a sense of lighthearted gratitude; it’s no surprise that a bird became the EP’s dominant metaphor.

The subject is a migrating flock, leaving one home for another, tracing the flight paths of previous generations.  The musical arc…

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