Nicola Di Croce ~ Fieldnotes

a closer listen

PROMO_COV_NICOLAOak Editions’ second release of the month contains parallels to its first.  Pietro Riparbelli’s album began with the sound of wood; Nicola Di Croce‘s begins with glass.  Riparbelli’s special edition contains a sculpture, Di Croce’s a risograph.  The former release recalls a march to the sea; the latter launches from the shore.  Each album toys with the idea of boundaries.  And yet the releases sound completely different.  Riparbelli’s music is restrained, while Di Croce’s is exuberant; Riparbelli moves slowly, Di Croce swiftly.

Fieldnotes celebrates the idea of travel: new events, new experiences.  The opening track “Palomar” specifically sounds like something one might blast from a car while beginning a journey.  Energetic drumming recalls the rhythms of dubstep, while languid trumpet offers the timbres of jazz.  “Palomar” is the night that never ends, the city that never sleeps, the light that never fades.  With eight guest musicians, it’s clear that…

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