NoiseTheorem ~ Dust

a closer listen

Dust “Have you ever really thought about time?” asks Tony Scharf, aka  NoiseTheorum .  While the full concept of Time is impossible to grasp – who can comprehend the infinite? – Dust  seeks to address its infinite qualities.  Scharf reminds us that we are dust, but he does so in a manner opposite than that of religion. (“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you will return.”)  Instead, he and his music speak of timelessness, highlighting the fact that we are comprised of tiny molecules that have been around since the Big Bang, and will remain after “we” leave.

NoiseTheorum’s brand of industrial music – melodic, hypnotic, laden with ambience and steady rhythms – is perfect for contemplation.  Dust takes the listener on a meditative journey while keeping the senses sharp.  At times, the music is reminiscent of Intermix and Synæsthesia, two mostly instrumental side projects of Front Line Assembly…

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