Joshua Bonnetta ~ Strange Lines and Distances

a closer listen

13-1169 UNCOATED JACKET GATEFOLD UNCOATED Experimedia’s most elaborate release to date is a lavish DVD/LP package based on the Marconian theory that sound grows faint but never dies.  Our utterances, our banalities, our music and the music of the spheres tumbles into the universe, wave upon wave, shrinking like Ant-Man to the inaudible, then to the nearly infinitesimal.  If we had the ears to hear them, we might perceive the sound of the Big Bang, as well as that of the dinosaurs, and of every word, false or true, that we have ever spoken.  Imagine how well we might choose our words if every one of them might be recovered, and what astonishing sounds we might rescue from the cosmos: the cries of extinct creatures, the sound of dried-up lakes, the first rhythmic bashing of stick against rock.  Marconi once imagined recovering the speech of Christ.  A tangle of sound cascades through the universe, a…

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