Black to Comm ~ Providence

a closer listen

Dekorder074_front What could be cuter than a little girl with a turtle?  Hold on – what is she doing with that turtle?  Is she caressing it or squeezing it?  Her intentions do not look good.  And that’s why she makes a great image for Black to Comm . Dekorder founder Marc Richter’s music is often pretty on the surface but hides a dark undercurrent, like the floral aroma that masks the scent of death.

Providence is the latest in Dekorder’s Hybrid Vinyl Series, accompanied by new 12″s from Excepter and Experimental Audio Research.  It’s the busiest of the batch, and the truest hybrid.  On The Vampire Diaries, a hybrid is half-vampire, half-werewolf.  This track is a hybrid of drone and electronic.  We edge toward the latter, because it would be hard to dance to most of this track ~  one suspects it would be a danse macabre.

The harsh synthetic…

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