Gavin Miller ~ Somn

a closer listen

gavin miller somnHere’s a recently discovered aspect to record reviewing that didn’t trouble our forbears. If, back in the day, a writer penned a piece that didn’t chime exactly with the artist’s own opinion, one of the accusations would be that said reviewer hadn’t listened to the record and therefore was in no position to comment about it. Sometimes this suggestion would be in the shape of a friendly chat, or a missive to the letters page; other times it could escalate into a more violent ‘discussion’, where physical retribution would be meted out.

By way of contrast, thanks to an automatic feed I have set up, Gavin Miller is very much aware that I’ve been playing Somn, and has favourited one of my tweets saying as much. So that should allay any doubts that I’m not writing this without listening to his record, although he is no doubt further confused…

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