Lost Trail ~ Blacked Out Passages

a closer listen

Blacked Out PassagesLost Trail ‘s latest album is their smoothest flowing work to date, a suite of drones, loops and recordings that address past lives.  The title may refer to drinking, redaction or loss of memory, but it may also be applied to decayed tapes, which form the nucleus of Zachary and Denny Corsa’s work.  As one listens, one wonders what has been hidden, obscured, lost, blacked out , and more importantly,  why.

The three opening tracks are the restrained selections, while the fourth is an all-out drone, filled with lint and sonic debris.  One can hear the ghosts of conversations embedded in the mix, struggling to be heard, propped on the periphery of understanding.  Often associated with hauntology, these ghosts are also implied in the opening minutes of “A Parking Lot Gloaming”, which brings to mind the best work of The Caretaker.  But closing with the drone work is a wise…

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